19 мая 2017
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May 17, 2017 , one of the largest international exhibitions of food products and specialized equipment "SIAL CHINA 2017" launched in China . Representatives of all sectors of the food industry from manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials to buyers, wholesalers and retailers, shop owners, network department stores and food depots came to Shanghai from 70 countries around the world. The business forum "Retail & Hospitality Forum" was held within the framework of the event . Its speakers were specialists from such global trade giants as Alibaba and JD.com, consultants and experts from PWC and Euromonitor International. The only company from Ukraine, which took part in the business part of the business forum with a report was the consulting and logistics company – Fialan. The speaker was the director of the China's office, Roman Krivosheev. The topic of the speech is "Production of food products" Private Label "in Ukraine for Chinese consumers." Also the company was represented by its stand within the framework of the exhibition, where the export opportunities of Ukraine in the sphere of finished food products with added value were presented. The expert of the largest 3pl-operator in the market of Ukraine and China told the participants and guests of the event about our country, its unique natural resources, export potential, the largest segments of food production, peculiarities of working with them  and much more. In particular, he noted that fertile black earths (typical, ordinary and southern) prevail in the structure of Ukraine's land areas, occupying 55% of the arable land area. And the land fund of our country is 5.7% of the territory of Europe, agricultural land - 18.9% of all-European. In more detail, Roman stopped on the issue of export of ready-made food products from Ukraine. "Ukraine exports to China from food mainly flour and flour products, sunflower and soybean oil, confectionery, water, juices, beer and ethyl alcohol. However, in the total export indicators of finished products of Ukraine, China's share is only 13%, . At first glance, this is a large percent and the situation looks very optimistic, but if we exclude sunflower oil from analysis, China's share in total exports of finished food products with added value from Ukraine will drop to 1%, and in some categories this numeral is close to 0%. So, in January 2017, Ukraine exported totally 6 160 thousand tons of finished products, incl. sunflower oil 4 842 thousand tons, for the amount of 4 623 million dollars, of which 792 thousand tons to China for 551 million dollars. According to the "Export Strategy of Ukraine until 2021", China ranks second in the list of 20 promising markets, which are located on a single composite rating (with the exception of the EU market). It states that China is the second world's economy, which is the leader in terms of absolute growth, 6th among Ukraine's historical partners during 2011-2015,6th in the list of "unprotected markets",11th by the level of average growth of Ukrainian export of services during 2014-16, 1st place in the potential of food consumption. So, we have something to work on and where to strive! ", - he noted. To 18 manufacturers of dairy products, which have already received permission to export to China in 2017, will add nine more enterprises. The relevant documents were transferred to the PRC in 2016. Also, active work is  underway now, to obtain permits for import of Ukrainian meat to China. Уже есть компании, которые готовы покупать продукты отечественной мясной промышленности в Китае. At the end of his speech, Roman Krivosheev expressed his hope that in the near future China will open its borders for Ukrainian meat products and the people of China will be able to fully enjoy its quality and taste.

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