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China(Guangzhou) International Advanced Materials Exhibition 2021 is one of the largest, most specialized and advanced exhibitions in the fluid industry.
The vigorous development of new materials in China, has expanded the manufacturing industry, integrating information technology with emerging industries such as high-end equipment, integrated circuits, new energy, biomedicine, 3D printing, transportation, and engine industries.
It is helping emerging industries to become leading in the sphere, causing innovations to become the norm in the economic development.
China(Guangzhou) International Advanced Materials Exhibition 2021 by the numbers
  • 13 580 visitors
  • 376 exhibitors
  • 15 200 square meters of expo space
Key products to be presented at the trade show:
  • Various types of boiler products and technologies(Power station, waste, supercritical, fuel gas boilers etc.)
  • Biomass utilization technology and products
  • Heating products and technologies (Household boilers, hot blast stoves, solar energy utilization and heat recovery equipment, etc.)
  • Boiler auxiliary equipment and combustion equipment
  • Energy-saving and emission-reducing products and technologies
  • Boiler production process equipment and materials (Steel, welding technology, blanking and forming, fireproof, wear-resistant materials etc.)
  • Regular pressure vessels and non-metallic 
  • Gas cylinders (Seamless, welding, low temperature, non-refillable, dissolved acetylene etc.)
  • Mobile pressure vessels (Railway, automobile tankers etc.)
  • Pressure pipes (Oil, gas, heat, power, refrigeration, seamless, non-metallic pipelines and materials)
  • Manufacturing technology (Welding, coiling, pipe forming machines, etc.)
China(Guangzhou) International Advanced Materials Exhibition 2021– an exhibition for those who are engaged in the industries of:
  • Electronic appliances
  • Petrochemicals
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Paper printing
  • Construction engineering
  • Municipal engineering
  • Energy and environmental protection
  • Mechanical equipment, etc.
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