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ComVac ASIA 2021 is a professional trade show in the industry of power energetics and resources conservation.  It provides a great opportunity to grow  your business, where you will find quality products, and be introduced to the latest trends and innovations in the field.
The exhibition gathers a wide range of decision-makers, consultants and contractors from different companies for interaction and networking, making it an ideal platform for trade and new business opportunities!

ComVac ASIA 2021 by the numbers: 
  • 101 057 visitors
  • 250 exhibitors
  • 20 000 sq. meters of expo space
Key products to be presented at the trade show:
  • Compressed air
  • Air compressors
  • Processing compressors
  • Special compressors
  • Parts and components of compressors
  • Post-processing equipment
  • Lubricants and related equipment
  • Vacuum technology
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum valves and accessories
  • Vacuum measurement and calibration instruments, gauges and vacuum leak detector devices
  • Vacuum application equipment
  • Vacuum materials, vacuum pump oil and vacuum engineering equipment
ComVac ASIA 2021 – an exhibition for those who are engaged in these industries: 
  • Construction machinery
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Refrigeration/heating
  • Environmental science and technology/ environmental engineering
  • Petro chemistry
  • Energy/hydropower/thermal power
  • Textile machinery
  • Metallurgy
  • Pharmaceutical and medical machinery manufacturing
  • Packaging / printing
  • Food/beverages
  • Construction/ building materials
  • Aerospace & aviation
  • Manufacturing
  • Oceaneering/shipbuilding
  • Rail transit electric power
  • Electronic manufacturing
Top Exhibitors: Compressor, Asia Food Journal, Fluidos, Food Tec, Pharma Tec,  Mundocompressor,, DLCM, Sinolub, IIA
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