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The 14th Shanghai International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics is one of the most influential professional exhibitions of the world's powder metallurgy industry, which promotes technological innovations and achievements. 

It is committed to the demonstration of cutting-edge technologies and high-end products, setting up a quality exchanging and trading platform for insiders from both upstream and downstream.

The exhibition ensures an integral presence of products in powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics supply chains, in which the highlights will be the various metal powders, non-metal powders and other high-performance raw materials; the advanced technologies and equipment, such as powder milling, forming, sintering, finishing, post-processing and testing; 3D printing technology; and high-precision parts and products.


Concurrent Activities Include:

2021 Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy Forum

2021 Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development


The 10th Shanghai International Injection Molding Forum

2021 Shanghai International Summit on Ceramic 3D Printing


Estimated Figures of Expo

30,000+ visitors

550+ exhibitors

30,000+ square meters of expo space



Key products to be presented at the trade show:

Powder Metallurgy Sector:

high-performance materials,

injection molding technology,

high-precision parts manufacturing technology

intelligent manufacturing technology

Advanced Ceramics Sector:

new type of raw materials,

new forming and processing technologies,

advanced ceramic products and industry application and solutions

Cemented Carbide Sector:

cemented carbide raw materials,

cemented carbide production equipment,

cemented carbide testing instruments

related products

3D Printing Sector:

3D printing equipment,

3D printing materials,

3D printing applicationin various industries



Opening Hours:


23th May (Sunday) 09:0017:30

24th May (Monday) 09:0017:30

25th May (Tuesday) 09:0014:00


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